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Did You Forget Valentine’s Day?

Oh no – Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday! As the last few hours before Valentine’s Day quickly tick off the clock, now is the time when even the most hard-core procrastinators start to panic. If you still haven’t found that perfect gift, or if you simply forgot (it happens), no worries! You still have some […]

Do Roses Cost More on Valentine’s Day?

Is it true that roses cost more in early February than they do the rest of the year? The short answer is yes, but not just for consumers. Many people are led to believe that flower retailers artificially raise prices to stick it to desperate consumers, when if fact, that couldn’t be further from the […]

Can’t Go Wrong with Flowers from Tipton & Hurst – as featured on AJ Wears Clothes blog

Tipton & Hurst was recently featured in the Valentine Gift Guide article on the popular fashion blog AJ Wears Clothes. When listing the best presents to give for Valentine’s Day, Tipton & Hurst was the only florist mentioned: “Flowers are always the ultimate Valentine, and now that Tipton Hurst has joined The Promenade, it’s easier […]

The Committed Man’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Survival

For the man who has the perfect person in his life, but is still searching for that perfect gift this Valentine’s Day, Tipton & Hurst is offering a free guide you can download instantly. In this guide, you’ll find 10 gifts we offer that are sure to impress, dazzle and surprise. Don’t give the same […]

Valentine’s Day Decor: Heart Wreath Designs with Chris Norwood

With most of winter at our backs, but still a ways to go until spring, you might be wondering, “What’s something fun, seasonal and special I can hang on my door?” You can’t do Christmas wreaths, it’s too early for a spring wreath, and a bare, naked door just won’t do. Fortunately, Valentine’s Day decor […]

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Valentine’s Day: A History

Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly known as Valentine’s Day  is observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it remains a working day in most of them. It is the second most celebrated holiday around the world second to New Year’s Day. St. Valentine’s Day began as a celebration of […]