Valentine’s Day Decor: Heart Wreath Designs with Chris Norwood

With most of winter at our backs, but still a ways to go until spring, you might be wondering, “What’s something fun, seasonal and special I can hang on my door?” You can’t do Christmas wreaths, it’s too early for a spring wreath, and a bare, naked door just won’t do. Fortunately, Valentine’s Day decor can fill up that void easily enough.

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, Chris Norwood has a few ideas for creating easy, but stellar-looking heart wreaths you can hang on your door this time of year. There are several materials you can use, but Chris suggests using either pink wire or curly willow branches. They’re two very different styles, especially if you’re going for a fun, festive attitude or a rustic, down-to-earth design.

If you go with the pink wire, start by creating a single, wide circle of the wire (a sort of “lasso”). After four or five loops, cut off the wire and begin twisting one side of the circle. With the side that is still rounded, press it in the middle to create a heart shape. Make two of these with the wire, then interlock them by meshing together the layers of wire. If you go with the curly willow branches, you won’t need to twist the end to create the bottom tip of the heart. But you will need to lightly break the individual branches, forcing them into a uniform heart shape at the top. If you’re using curly willow, you won’t have to worry about the branches snapping off unless you peel away the bark.

Once you’re finished, be sure to hang them up where a whole lot of people can see. After all, even if it didn’t take you long, you still want your hard work recognized.

You can watch the video below for more details. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for several Valentine’s Day specials coming to Tipton Hurst very soon.

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