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Our industry is built on carefully-cultivated relationships, both with our customers and our suppliers. Tipton & Hurst, unlike most florists, controls our own supply of fresh flowers. Our fully-owned subsidiary, Central Wholesale, has trusted relationships with growers all over the world. This network ensures that we get the highest-quality, freshest flowers at the best price when we need them, and more importantly when our wholesale customers require them. If you need to buy flowers in bulk, Tipton & Hurst has the capacity to meet the needs of customers, no matter the order size or season.

Commercial accounts, nonprofits, religious organizations, and special events may all meet our volume requirements for special pricing on fresh flowers and plants. Contact us to see if your church, synagogue, or other religious organization meets the requirements for wholesale pricing.

Need to know more about Tipton & Hurst’s wholesale options? Call Flower Distribution Manager, Freda Rice at 501-975-2748 or email at frice@tiptonhurst.com.

Wholesale flowers
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