4 Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding

4 Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding

There is always a lot to keep track of and take into account when planning a wedding. From location to flowers, it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks. Today we are sharing 4 tips for planning a spring wedding so that you don’t miss out on including the beauty of the season into your celebration!

Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding

April Showers

When planning a spring wedding, weather can effect everything from location to flower selection. Spring has everything from sunny days to rain showers, but rain doesn’t have to ruin your wedding day. If you are prepared for possible shifts in weather, you can enjoy your special day without fear of weather-related mishaps.

Spring Blooms

Each season brings a wide array of blooming flowers with it, and spring is no exception! When choosing flowers it is important to take into account not only what flowers are in season, but also your wedding colors, style, and theme. Depending upon your wedding aesthetic, the flowers you choose can vary drastically, so it’s important to consider what is available when planning a spring wedding.

Color Palette

Spring is a great time to play with color! Whether you are having a classic spring wedding or want to add a splash of color, the color palette of spring holds many possibilities! If you want to embrace the colors of spring while still remaining in the style of a traditional wedding, we recommend pastel as an option that blends the best of both worlds!

Late Sunsets

Weddings are a beautiful experience that you will cherish in memory and photos. The amount of sunlight varies from one season to another, so it is important to take the lighting into account when planning your spring wedding timeline. As spring moves into summer, the amount of daylight increases, which can effect your wedding timeline. Whether you are planning to take bridal portraits at golden hour or have your first dance at sunset, lighting can make a large impact on the atmosphere of your wedding.

When planning a wedding there are several aspects to take into consideration. Our 4 tips for planning a spring wedding will help any couple to create a day that they will cherish.


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When One of Our Own Weds

Ann is a particularly crucial member of our team here at Tipton & Hurst. Ann’s official title here at Tipton & Hurst is ‘Controller’, but her title should be something like: ‘She Who Knows All and can Solve Any Problem’. So we definitely missed her while she was gone on her amazing honeymoon. Ann is modest and doesn’t like being in the spotlight, but we had to reflect her beautiful nature in her wedding decor. So of course, Chris Norwood and the rest of our event team, pulled out a few of Ann’s favorite stops for her big day.

Photo By: Stephanie Parsley

Ann wanted to keep her bridal party all classic and white with hints of pink. Her bridesmaids bouquets were full arrangements of white roses, garden roses, ranunculuses, lisianthus, hydrangeas, and pastel pink peonies. Her house party had elegant mini bouquets of white roses. She chose a beautiful all white and cream bridal bouquet of roses, cream peonies, ranunculuses, lisianthus, and hydrangea. We were just in love with this beautiful all white look, and it complemented all of her bridesmaids in their mix-and-match pastel blue and navy dresses.

Photo By: Stephanie Parsley

We continued this classic white with hints of pastels color pallet throughout all of Ann’s wedding decor, and complemented it with one of Ann’s favorites: greenery walls. We installed one wall in the ball room of the Capitol Hotel, where Ann had her wedding ceremony. We installed another on the second floor of the Capitol Hotel in the reception area for the band. These grand walls really make an impressive statement and set the mood for the whole room.

Photo By: Stephanie Parsley

Of course we wanted to do something even more grand in her reception area, so  Chris filled the room with this cascading floral canopy. This canopy was suspended via four clear acrylic columns to add another layer of flowers to the room. The canopy is filled with white and green hydrangeas, white roses, and smilax. We were so proud and honored to do something so special for Ann’s wedding.

A special thanks to Stephanie Parsley for letting us use her images from Ann’s wedding in this post. Check her out here: http://www.stephanieparsleyphotography.com/
Photo By: Jordan Hood


Photo By: Jordan Hood

Radiant Orchid Wedding Designs with Chris Norwood

Having a wedding in 2014? If you’re still in the market for wedding colors, you might want to check out radiant orchid. It’s the official color of 2014 and will look gorgeous at any wedding. Now obviously you’ll want to incorporate your wedding colors into your wedding’s floral choices, and many might tell you radiant orchid won’t show up well on photography, since purple typically recedes in color on film. Well Chris has already thought ahead of that. He’s got a floral arrangement that’s perfect for all those purple-loving brides out there.

When you are putting together your bouquet, take your radiant orchid flowers first, clutching them together. Now add brightly colored lavender, water roses, and wax flower for an airy, whimsical look. Once you have a bouquet look you’re happy with, take a few strings of ivy and wrap them around the base of the buds. Let the ivy cascade down off the bouquet, which adds a lot of visual value if you don’t have a lot of design work on the front of your wedding dress. Keep it held together with floral tape and wrap it with burlap ribbon for aesthetic appeal.

To discover just how Tipton & Hurst helps make the biggest day of your life absolutely amazing, contact us for a wedding consultation!

You can watch Chris in action by watching his KATV appearance below. Be sure to watch him weekly on Tuesdays with KATV morning show.

Wedding dress made of flowers

floral bridal dress
Florist Ali Calver with her beautiful floral bridal dress creation in the Assembly House, Norwich. Photo: Steve Adams. From edp24.co.uk

What do you get when you cross a wedding bouquet with a wedding dress? You get a “a delicate floral masterpiece that not only looks beautiful, but smells divine.”

A florist in England created the one-of-a-kind frock for a wedding show. Sadly, it seems the dress, which is made of chicken wire, is meant only for display and not to be worn.

It took 10 hours to craft the stunning dress which has a base of chicken wire, white velvet and a bodice and includes hundreds of individual flower-heads each carefully added by hand.

It’s an amazing display of creativity, even if it won’t be walking down the aisle.

All You Need is Love… and a Helping Hand

Sometimes, all you need is love… and sometimes, you need a helping hand.  Here’s a photo essay for you showcasing one of our beautiful bridal bouquets.

“Mr. and Mrs.” leave the church in a vintage VW convertible complete with shoes and cans attached to the back of their car.  Unfortunately, they get only a few blocks away when something goes wrong.  Ut oh!  Flat tire.

The bride waits patiently as the groom works on the car.   Can you believe this happened to us on our wedding day?  Geeze!  The bride has a moment to enjoy her wedding bouquet.  A base of creamy white hydrangeas, ivory roses with just the faintest hint of buttery yellow in the center, pure white stock which is very fragrant, a few frilly carnations, wisps of white alliums, and gray dusty miller.  The ivory satin ribbon falls to the ground with love knots and makes a nice contrast to the beautiful mermaid-style wedding dress.

Bride decides to take matters into her own hands by thumbing for a ride.  No takers so she ups the ante showing a little leg.   Cue the whistles!

Husband gets a little frustrated with wife’s silliness and takes a break.  Bride sees off the road a little gazebo and a pond and gets an idea.

She takes hubby’s hand and together they walk to a romantic spot where they share some time.  Flat tire?  Who cares!  We’ll call for help after we enjoy some quite time together on our wedding day.

Special thanks to our models Mr. and Mrs. Dane Stanage of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Brownsville, Texas; Proposals in the Heights who generously loaned Mrs. Stanage’s beautiful gown; and the Chrisman Family for the use of their adorable VW.  Story and Photos by Mandy Shoptaw.     

Source Guide: Proposals in the Heights, 5913 Kavanaugh Boulevard, Little Rock, AR 72207
(501) 661-4696


Modern Bouquet

The second in a series of three wedding-bouquet tutorials.
Chris Norwood, AIFD and VP of Tipton Hurst, creates a “modern” bouquet that focuses on the concept of “color blocking.”
Next in the series: a bit of a twist on the “traditional” bouquet.

Diary of a Bridal Bouquet

Generic BouquetHave you ever wondered what goes into creating a beautiful bridal bouquet?  We recently followed one bouquet designed by Tipton Hurst’s Chris Norwood, AIFD, from the cooler to the photoshoot.

“It’s great to give your florist guidelines and inspiration photos, but let the experts be the designers so that you get the freshest flowers arranged in the most artful way for your special day,” suggests Chris.  “Our bride wanted all white flowers with one caveat, no roses.  Those are perimeters I can certainly work with!”

Chris peruses the assorted white flowers available, looking for the right textures and color contrasts.  Lilies, carnations, mums, daisies… so much to choose from!  That’s be beauty of the Tipton Hurst cooler.  Our wonderful Ms. Freda keeps it stocked with all the good stuff.  Chris selects creamy white hydrangeas, peonies, lisianthus, and white orchids.

Cooler white

Hydrangea BaseIf you’ve never seen Chris work, try to catch him on one of his live TV segments on KATV or KATV.com or one of his great video blogs here at tiptonhurst.com.  He is fast!  Quickly assembling a base of hydrangeas into a round mound, he has the form for his bouquet.

“I like to start with a hydrangea base on round, clutch style bouquets because it gives you a structure for supporting the rest of the blooms,” Chris explains as he works away bringing the bouquet to life.

The designer then adds in peonies, a favorite of our bride.  These peonies are in various stages of bloom so the ones that are fully blown out are frilly and show faint hints of pink inside while the ones that are still tight look more ball-like, giving a completely different contrast to the white hydrangeas.

inserting bloom

Opening DoorThe lisianthus also benefits various stages of bloom.  The tighter the bloom the more green you can see in the flower, but the more open ones have an ivory tone to them that’s charming.  Bright white orchids are plucked individually off the stems and wired and wrapped.  Orchids are long lasting blooms and are lovely in an arrangement such as this white-on-white textural mix.

Chris finishes with a collar of greenery and an ivory ribbon wrap before the bouquet is loaded in the delivery truck and taken to the salon where the bride is having her hair done before her photoshoot.

Moved to tears, the bride receives the bouquet and expresses her delight.  Thumbs up!Thumbs Up!

Then it’s off to the photoshoot (and no, we’re not giving the dress style away).

Only a few days left until this young lady’s big day and Tipton Hurst is so proud to be a part of her wedding.


Bouquet Photoshoot

Going to the Chapel

The month of June is by far one of the most popular months wholesale jerseys for a wedding. At Tipton Hurst this has never been more true than this June. We don’t know if it’s the sunny skies or the fact that peonies are in season, but we’ve got a few favorites to share with you.

Thanks to The Hudsons Modern Photography for these stunning shots of one of our recent weddings wholesale Arizona Cardinals jerseys in Fayetteville, AR.

This bride loved color and lots of glitz and glamour.

White columns flanked the dance floor topped with cylinder vases of orchids and Bells of Ireland.  The bride asked for all bright citrus colors– and she got them!  Watermelon, orange, lemon, lime… it was a wash of color and the touches of rhinestones added drama in key places throughout the event, including the bride’s brilliant bouquet.


Sparkle and charm were everywhere throughout the event, thanks to Tipton Hurst’s own Chris Norwood, AIFD. The round buffets were topped by silver urns, a new rental item to Tipton Hurst brides, and pulled all Notification) of the bride’s favorite wedding elements together. The amazing oversized paper lanterns and white twinkle lights made the dance floor complete.  The lanterns are available for rent to Tipton Hurst brides.

Our friends at Rick’s Bakery placed rhinestone bands along the wedding cake.  What a “wow” effect!

These are a few of Wedding our June favorites from all over Little Rock.


Galvanized French watering cans lined the walkway Miami Dolphins Jerseys to the Roger’s House in downtown Little Rock.  Each was filled with billows of white baby’s breath, a central theme cheap NFL jerseys for this bride’s event.  The front door was festooned with a baby’s breath wreath created by Tipton Hurst designers.

One of our favorite elements of the entire wedding was the amazing bridal bouquet.  It was filled wholesalenfljerseyslan with cabbage roses, peonies, hydrangea, and Dusty Miller.  The collar of curly willow added a very dramatic touch, but kept the bouquet grounded with the bride’s mix of “shabby chic” charm.

Citrus was again a popular theme at a wedding party, celebrating a bride and groom who slipped away for a private wedding, then returned to celebrate with friends and family.  The temporibus Greek Orthodox Church was the setting of the event and guests were greeted by the bright citrus hues used throughout.  This is a great example of having fun with your table linens and really playing up the colors.  We enjoyed working with coordinator Debbie Murphy to make this special occasion happen.




Last, but not least, blue linens were set off by tall vases filled with both cut and whole lemons topped with large floral sprays of citrus colors.  Low blue and white porcelain bowls held lower arrangements on tables.  The Chenal Country Club was decked out both in the lobby for the bride’s cocktail hour as well Looks as in the ballroom.


This summer, we’ll bring you more on some of these amazing events Review and others in the works!

Crawford Wedding

This past weekend we had the pleasure of working with a wonderful bride and a host of other great vendors from around the state 1997 to pull off this amazing celebration at the  Peabody Hotel in Gumbo downtown Little Rock.

“Simply stunning, as always,” said Larry West, event planner for Cindle’s big day.  “It’s clear that when doing large events, I call Chris Norwood! Otherwise, I would not touch them! The professionalism and creative двигателя thought and the willing to work creatively with me AND Bylites, is simply priceless!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

The crowing jewel of this event was the large floral chandelier suspended from the ceiling centered over the dance floor with hanging crystals floating down over guests.  A matching “M” monogram hung over the stage and a smaller version of the floral chandelier hung over the bride’s cake.



The wedding room was draped in white fabric and illuminated by soft pink lights provided by Bylites of Little Rock.  The bride walked down an aisle covered in shades of pink and cream rose petals.  Punctuating the aisle an were tall cylinder vases with floating candles and submerged white orchids.

The wedding flowers included clutches of white calla cheap jerseys lilies, white hydrangeas and white lilies in various size cylinders.

A canopy in the center of the stage provided an intimate setting for the cheap jerseys bride and groom to exchange vows.

The reception tables showcased towering centerpieces of curly willow draped in crystals and a mix of white flowers making a wholesale mlb jerseys dramatic collar around the lip of the vase as well as lounge areas both inside and out.  The lounge areas had a mix of candles and white flower arrangements in assorted cylinder vases.  Furniture from both Tipton & Hurst and TrendStyle Events set the stage for the lounge areas.

TracyCakes of Little Rock provided a perfect cake with each layer banded with rhinestones to match the rhinestone bands on the cylinder vases throughout the event. The cake sat on a cloth covered in white flowers to make a grand statement.

Wedding photography by Mlittlephotography of McCrory, Arkansas