Radiant Orchid Wedding Designs with Chris Norwood

Having a wedding in 2014? If you’re still in the market for wedding colors, you might want to check out radiant orchid. It’s the official color of 2014 and will look gorgeous at any wedding. Now obviously you’ll want to incorporate your wedding colors into your wedding’s floral choices, and many might tell you radiant orchid won’t show up well on photography, since purple typically recedes in color on film. Well Chris has already thought ahead of that. He’s got a floral arrangement that’s perfect for all those purple-loving brides out there.

When you are putting together your bouquet, take your radiant orchid flowers first, clutching them together. Now add brightly colored lavender, water roses, and wax flower for an airy, whimsical look. Once you have a bouquet look you’re happy with, take a few strings of ivy and wrap them around the base of the buds. Let the ivy cascade down off the bouquet, which adds a lot of visual value if you don’t have a lot of design work on the front of your wedding dress. Keep it held together with floral tape and wrap it with burlap ribbon for aesthetic appeal.

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You can watch Chris in action by watching his KATV appearance below. Be sure to watch him weekly on Tuesdays with KATV morning show.

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