Stunning Flower Arrangements to WOW Your Mom

Stop your mom or your motherly figure in her tracks this Mother’s Day with a bouquet symbolizing everything she means to you. Here are a few of our Mother’s Day flower arrangements that will wow her!

Southern Peach
If your mom is a southern peach, like ours, this arrangement is perfect for her! In true Southern fashion, this cluster of delicate roses, cremons, hydrangeas, peonies and tulips create a soft sorbet-colored summer arrangement. These flowers will give the perfect pop of spring to brighten up any room in which she chooses to display them!

You Are My Sunshine
For a mom with a bright personality, this one’s for her! The dazzling assortment of sunflowers, gerbera daisies, roses, solidago and creamy hydrangeas will surely leave her smiling. And the cheery combination of yellows in a classic clear vase will fill your mom’s heart with love.


Love Abundance
For the mom who likes to keep it simple, Love Abundance is calling her name! A fresh and enchanting take on the classic rose display, this arrangement will thrill her with its beauty. This breathtaking bouquet of elegant roses is perfectly accented with greenery and presented in a tight, stylish approach. 

Whether you’re near or far, Tipton & Hurst has the perfect arrangement for your mother, stepmother, grandmother, aunt or any woman who has impacted  your life this Mother’s Day!

Call us today at 501-666-3333 for more delivery and pickup options.

The Baobab Collection Has Arrived

The Baobab Collection is now in stock at Tipton & Hurst! These luxury candles are available in a variety of styles, scents, and decorative containers. From candles to diffusers, we’ve got the latest fragrances from the Baobab Collection that are sure to add a bit of elegance to any space.

Along with selling high quality candles and fragrances, The Baobab Collection has an exceptional story of how their African heritage and the baobab trees came together to help form the successful company they are today.

To read their full story, click here:

To shop our full selection of Baobab Collection products, visit Tipton & Hurst in The Heights. Find our store location here:

The Best Plants by Enneagram!

Not all plants are created equal. Sure, some are more popular than others, but there’s a broad range of houseplants—whether it comes to appearance, water and light needs, durability, or difficulty level. It’s almost like they have personalities of their own!

Not sure which plant you should add to your indoor garden next? For your best chance at successfully caring for a houseplant, choose one that matches your own personality type. And by that, we specifically mean your Enneagram type.

(Before you read on to determine which houseplant is best for you, take a free Enneagram test online!)

TYPE ONE: Bird’s Nest Fern

At their core, Enneagram Ones love two things: principle and purpose. The bird’s nest fern can satisfy both. It’s a classic plant safe for both children and pets that, much to the One’s delight, serve a higher purpose than just sitting in the corner of the room: bird’s nest ferns also act as natural air purifiers.

TYPE TWO: Monstera

Twos are other-focused empaths, so a plant that requires a bit of extra love and attention is right up their alley. Monstera is a bit temperamental. Not only does this plant struggle with too much sunlight, but it also requires regular watering and humidity to thrive. But let’s be honest, the intuitive Helper probably already knew that.

TYPE THREE: Ponytail Palm

The Achiever is here for status, yes, but this hard-working personality with a jam-packed schedule doesn’t have time to care for a needy plant. This trendy and popular Ponytail Palm meets both criteria: it’s up and coming in houseplant trends yet forgiving and easy in its care.

TYPE FOUR: Gerbera Daisy

A standard green houseplant won’t do for poetic, emotional Individualists, who would much rather take care of something as unique as they are. Commonly known for their bright and cheerful daisy-like flowers, the Gerbera Daisy, specifically in a quirky container, makes the ideal accent for any table of the Four’s already dreamy home.

TYPE FIVE: Aglaonema

Given their penchant for reading up on just about everything, you might think the Investigator would opt for a more demanding plant. But since the Five’s core desire is to be competent and helpful, why not set them up for success with a plant that’s relatively easy to keep alive? No matter how much you water the low-light.

TYPE SIX: Hydrangea

A stunning yet high-maintenance blooming beauty is just the ticket for a hardworking Six. The responsible and committed Loyalist will also be up for the task of keeping the Hydrangea alive by matching its native conditions of constant watering and morning sunlight.


Cacti are notoriously low maintenance, which means fun-loving, spontaneous Sevens can book last-minute vacations without worrying about their plant babies back home. Bonus: Cacti are also whimsical and fun, adding a sunny, tropical vibe to any household — just like the Enthusiast!


Known for their independence and confidence, the Challenger is, well, looking for a challenge. Look no further than the orchid, one of the more high-maintenance plants out there. Eights will also fawn over the orchid’s slender stem and vibrant blooms, which add a touch of elegance and mystique.

TYPE NINE: Peace Lily

It just makes sense, and not just because the Peacekeeper and peace lily shares a name. The peace lily is both stunning and extremely adaptable and easy to keep happy, requiring low light and watering just once a week—which means Nines won’t have to worry about disrupting anyone’s peace.

Serene spring and Herend

Set Your Easter Table!

Your springtime table has never looked so good!

Spring has sprung, Easter is near, blooms are budding, and celebrations are on the horizon. Whether you are finally gathering with friends and family or keeping it small during these cherished holidays, go confident into your springtime celebrations with our fabulous tablescapes. From stunning centerpieces and show-stopper place settings, your Spring table has never looked so good!

Styles we love: 

Serene Spring and Anna Weatherley

Serene Spring: A pastel centerpiece adorned with blush Tulips and fragrant Hyacinth paired with Anna Weatherley china and a Hester & Cook placemat.

Garden Glow and Vietri

Garden Glow: A bright centerpiece featuring Ranunculus, Calla Lilies, and Hydrangea with a Vietri place setting.

Endless Spring and Vista Allegre

Endless Spring: A deep fuchsia and pink centerpiece featuring Anemones, Gerbera Daisies, and Tulips with a Vista Allegre place setting and Vietri stemware.

Shop Centerpieces

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Tips on Foraging Flowers

Spring is nearly here and there are blooms popping up all over the place! Foraging for your own flowers and branches is a great way to create a DIY arrangement from start to finish. To truly get the organic look indoors, finding and harvesting your own blooms is the way to go! And while the idea of foraging can be quite intimidating, we promise you it’s easier and more fun than you think. To help you get started, we’ve shared some foraging tips below: 

  • Dress accordingly and bring the right tools! Foraging can get into the weeds (pun intended), so you want to be prepared. Long pants, long sleeve shirts, and proper footwear will help prevent cuts, scrapes, and allergies from overshadowing your foraging experience. You also want to ensure you have a really sharp pair of floral scissors and a basket to carry your findings. TIP: it’s best to forge product early in the morning when the water content is at its highest in the plants!
  • Take the early blooms. If you choose the branches and stems that are already in full bloom, your flowers will not last as long. Try to choose the stems that have a bloom or two left to go, so it will continue to flourish even when you’ve brought them inside. 
  • Clean up your stems before arranging them. Wipe off excess dirt and cut off any hanging leaves and branches that are unneeded. By properly cleaning your flowers the stems are able to “drink” better and the water will stay fresh longer. Plus it makes them easier to work with. Don’t forget you need to recut the blooms once you start to arrange in a vase of water! Anytime the stem is allowed to dry off, even in a mere few minutes, it will need to be recut to flush the air out of the stem.
  • Put them in water IMMEDIATELY! Have a bucket filled with cool water ready and submerge everything as quickly as possible. Vines especially can tend to wilt and dry out faster.
  • Change the water. Every couple of days, remove the water in the vase and replace it with fresh, clean water. This will do wonders for your blooms!


Nominate Tipton & Hurst For Best Of 2020!

We’re in the running for several Best of competitions and we’d appreciate your votes! Click the links below to vote for Tipton & Hurst for Best Florist, Best Gifts and Home Decor, and Best Home Accessories. Voting ends July 19th so be sure to get your votes in and tell your friends and family to vote for us as well.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:
Thanks so much!

Father’s Day Plant Giveaway

Our Father’s Day plant giveaway contest will run from the time of posting (Wednesday, June 10, 2020) until Thursday, June 18, 2020, at 11:59 pm CST. The winner will be chosen by the Tipton & Hurst marketing team and announced via Instagram and Facebook on Friday, June 19, 2020. The winner must live in our Central Arkansas delivery area and will be given the choice to have their Calathea plant delivered or picked up Friday, June 19, or Saturday, June 20, 2020. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Instagram.

Click here to enter!

Celebrating Our 134th Anniversary All Month!

On June 7, 2020, Tipton & Hurst will have been serving Central Arkansas for 134 years. We’ve weathered wars and pandemics, and have seen the turn of two centuries, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Our customers are the heart of our company and on our 134th anniversary, we want to say thank you! We hope to continue serving our customers and communities for many years to come. Tune in to our social media throughout the month to learn about traditional anniversary gifts and then stop by our stores to shop specials on some of our favorite products!

June 1 – June 10 – First Anniversary – 20% Off Paper Products

Watch our video here!

June 3 – June 10 – Sixteenth Anniversary – 20% Off Wax Products (Scented Candles, Taper Candles, Wax Melts)

Watch our video here!

June 4 – June 11 – Tenth Anniversary – 20% Off Beatriz Ball Products

Watch our video here!

June 5 – June 12 – Fifteenth Anniversary – 20% Off All Crystal Products

Watch our video here!

June 8 – June 15 – Second Anniversary – 20% Off All Linens

Watch our video here!

June 9 – June 16 – Fiftieth Anniversary – 20% Off All Gold

Watch our video here!

June 11 – June 18 – Eighth Anniversary – 20% Off All Miller’s Mud Pottery 

Watch our video here!

June 12 – June 19 – Eleventh Anniversary – 20% Off All Golden Rabbit Products

Watch our video here!

June 16 – June 23 – Fifth Anniversary – 20% Off All Wood Products

Watch our video here!





Safe Service Is Our Priority!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve reopened our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff showrooms and we can’t wait to see everyone! Safe Service is our priority. The CDC has recommended the following 4 procedures – screening, social distancing, hygiene, and masks. We’re taking a lot of precautions – read more below!

  • Customers
    • Screening
    1. Please don’t enter if you’re sick.
    2. We have greeters at each store to welcome and monitor our in-store customer capacity and ensure masks and gloves (if appropriate) are worn. Masks and gloves are available to all customers upon request.
    3. We’ve installed video doorbells and motion detectors to help our greeters respond immediately to customers at our doors. If the door is locked, please ring and we’ll respond quickly!
    • Social Distancing
    1. We’re limiting our in-store capacity to 10 customers at a time at our Heights location, and 5 customers at a time in Pine Bluff and Conway.
    2. Please practice social distancing. Our sales floor is marked with decals indicating where to stand.
    3. Please stand behind the protective plastic shields at the sales counter.
    • Hygiene
    1. We are providing gloves and hand sanitizer in case you’d like to interact with our merchandise.
    2. Our bathrooms are touchless. Touchless doors, soap dispensers, and towels are all available with no-contact!
    • Masks
    1. We ask that you please wear a mask at all times while shopping. If you don’t have one, ask one of our staff and we’ll be happy to provide one.


  • Staff
    • Screening
    1. We are testing each employee daily by checking and documenting temperatures, signs of sickness, and travel. We are also implementing an armband system as a visual signal that each and every employee has been checked daily.
    2. Other than customers, we’re restricting access to our buildings.
    3. All doors with employee-only access are locked.
    • Social Distancing
    1. Workspaces have 6 feet distances marked with tape on the floor as a visual reminder to social distance.
    2. Staff meetings have been transferred to virtual “Google Hangouts”
    3. Staff are able to work from home, as all company programs are now in the cloud.
    • Hygiene
    1. Each staff member is responsible for personal hygiene to consist of the frequent washing of hands, and sanitizing between customers.
    2.  Each workstation and touchable surface should be disinfected with DCD or similar disinfectant 3 times daily – morning, noon, and night. This includes workstations, iPads, POS equipment, bathrooms, doors, counters, equipment, vehicles, etc.
    3. Bathrooms are touchless. Touchless doors, soap dispensers, and towels.
    • Masks
    1. All employees are required to wear masks when up and about throughout the facility.
  • No-Contact Delivery
    1. Free, Local No-Contact Delivery on orders of $75 or more.
    2. We’ll text your recipient before we head their way, and let them know they have a surprise coming and ask if there’s anywhere we can leave their delivery.
    3. Once it’s delivered, we’ll text the recipient a photo and let them know where it was left.

In the effort to keep the recipient and our staff as safe as possible, our delivery driver will text the recipient the following before heading to his or her next delivery.

“Hello, this is _____ with Tipton & Hurst. I’m on my way with a special surprise! We’re offering no-contact delivery at this time to be as safe as possible. Please let me know where a safe place I can leave your surprise is, or if you’re not at home, when would be a good time to redeliver. Thanks so much!”

Once the delivery is made, they’ll send this message to both you and your recipient:

“Tipton & Hurst Florist – Your delivery was left _______ (on your porch, by the front door, where we discussed, etc.).” Please also include a photo of the product where it was left.

  • No-Contact Curbside Pickup
    1. Place your order orders online or over the phone for no-contact curbside pickup at our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff locations. Online, pickup orders are available in 30-minute increments from 9 am – 4:30 pm.
    2. Park in front of our store, and call the phone number on the sign.
    3. Let T&H staff know what type of car you’re in, and your name or order number.
    4. Our staff will load your order – you don’t even have to leave your car!

Drive Through Showrooms

Safely shop our showrooms from the comfort of your car! Starting tomorrow (Thursday, May 7), our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff locations will open our No-Contact Drive Through Mother’s Day Showrooms! Keep reading for a sneak peek of our drive-through specials and our step-by-step guide.

  1. Pull into your favorite T&H location’s drive-through
  2. One of our staff will greet you with a list of our specials and an iPad to take your order and process payment safely and securely.
  3. Follow the flow of traffic and view our specials in person. A staff member will answer any questions and take your order and payment from a safe distance.
  4. Let our staff know where in your car you’d like us to place your order. We’ll make sure that it’s secure and ready to be hand-delivered by Mom’s favorite delivery driver. (That’s you!)
  5. Follow the flow of traffic and head to Mom’s house!

2020 Mother’s Day Policies and Procedures

To our friends and family,

We’re excited to share our Mother’s Day Collection with you, and want to be transparent with you regarding our safety, delivery, and pickup protocols. Like many things, this Mother’s Day will look a little different, but we’re committed to making sure that it’s as special as any other. Keep reading to review our options or possible:


Safety First!

We’re taking continued measures to ensure the safety of both our staff and customers by observing the following safety procedures:

  • Limiting Outside Entrance 
    • We have closed our showrooms and have limited entrance to only essential personnel from both vendors and our staff.
  • Employee Testing 
    • We are testing each employee daily by checking and documenting temperatures, signs of sickness, and travel. We are also implementing an armband system as a visual signal that each and every employee has been checked daily. 
  • Masks and Gloves
    • Masks and gloves are mandatory when up and about during your shift, except when in your private workspace/office. Cloth masks should be washed or disinfected daily, and gloves should be changed regularly to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Social Distancing
    • Please continue to practice social distancing both at work and at home. 
    • Workspaces should have 6 feet distances marked with tape on the floor as a visual reminder to social distance.
  • Disinfecting/Cleaning 
    • Each workstation and touchable surface should be disinfected with DCD or similar disinfectant 3 times daily – morning, noon, and night. 
    • This includes workstations, doors, counters, equipment, vehicles, etc.
  • At-Risk Employees
    • When possible, at-risk employees are working from home!


Delivery – Flatten the Curve

We’re offering Free, Local No-Contact Delivery on orders of $49 or more when delivered on Monday, May 4, Tuesday, May 5, Wednesday, May 6, Thursday, May 7, and Monday, May 11, 2020. This is to encourage early (or late) deliveries in an effort to “flatten the curve” of Mother’s Day orders and Mom will be able to enjoy her gift all week long!  We will coordinate with the recipient with text or call when and where delivery is left. Orders placed for Friday, May 8 – Sunday, May 10 will incur a delivery surcharge, as detailed below:

  • Friday, May 7 & Saturday, May 9 + $10
  • Sunday, May 10 + $15

Please note: in an effort to keep our staff and our customers safe, we are not able to deliver to hospitals or nursing homes at this time.


No-Contact Curbside Pickup

You can call 501-666-3333 or place orders online for no-contact curbside pickup at our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff locations. Online, pickup orders are available in 30-minute increments from 9 am – 4:30 pm. When you arrive, you will:

  • Park in a designated pickup space and note the number of your space.
  • Call the phone number on the sign.
  • Let T&H staff know which space you’re parked in, and your name or order number. 
  • Receive your order without leaving your car!


No-Contact Drive Through Showrooms

Our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff locations will also offer no-contact drive-through showrooms this Mother’s Day! We’ll set up tents and tables displaying our products, and give our customers disposable menus. Our staff will use iPads equipped with our POS software to take and fulfill orders as you drive through our parking lot viewing our Mother’s Day options!

2020 Mother’s Day Contest Rules

Contest Rules, Terms, and Conditions

Entries will be accepted from April 22, 2020 to May 6, 2020 at 11:59 pm. Our team will review the comments submitted on Facebook and will choose a winner at random to be announced on May 7, 2020. If the winner lives in our Central Arkansas delivery area, Tipton & Hurst will deliver a custom floral arrangement just in time for Mother’s Day. If the winner lives outside of our Central Arkansas delivery area, they will receive a custom gift basket to be shipped once the winner is announced.

Click here to enter!

Questions regarding the contest can be directed to – Subject Line: Mother’s Day Contest

Easter Tabletop Contest

Do you have the prettiest Easter table in town? We want to see it! Submit your photos below before Wednesday, April 1, 2020, at 11:59 pm to be entered to win a one of a kind floral arrangement to complete your look.

On Thursday, April 2, we’ll post your photo to our Facebook page and let our followers choose their favorite tablescape!

You can send us your photos 3 ways:

  1. Send it via Facebook Messenger
  2. Email it to with the subject line “Easter Photo Contest”
  3. Submit it below!

Keep reading for a few rules!

This form is currently closed for submissions.


Contest Rules, Terms, and Conditions

To win, you must live in our Central Arkansas delivery area. Entries will be accepted from March 24, 2020 to April 1, 2020 at 11:59 pm. Our team will post the photos submitted on Facebook so that you, your friends and family, and our followers can vote for their favorite tablescape. The entry with the most votes at the end of the voting period will win a one of a kind arrangement to be delivered or picked up in the week preceding Easter (April 8 – April 11, 2020).


Let Us Know How We’re Doing – Leave Us A Review!


We’ve been in business 134 years and throughout that time, we’ve done everything we can to guarantee satisfaction with each and every order. If you’ve had a great experience with Tipton & Hurst, please leave us a review at one (or all) of the links below. If you’ve had a not-so-great experience, leave a review anyway! We’d love the chance to make any mistake right. After all, we’re only as good as our last delivery!


The Heights:










North Little Rock:





Baptist Hospital:





Shepherd Florist – Pine Bluff:




Not sure which location you worked with, but still want to leave a review? Our Heights location is our home base, and we’d welcome any reviews there!

Coronavirus Update For Our Customers and Friends


Update (March 20, 2020): All Tipton & Hurst locations are closed Saturday, March 21 and Sunday, March 22. Our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff locations will reopen Monday, March 23 at 8 am for free no-contact pickup and delivery. Our showrooms will remain closed until further notice.

Dear Tipton & Hurst friends and family,

In 134 years, we’ve weathered pandemics, wars, and depressions. Like many of you, we’re anxious to see how COVID-19 will shape the next few weeks and months, but we want to assure you that we’re here to bring as much joy and comfort as we can, as safely as possible.

Above all, we remain committed to the safety of our clients and the entire Tipton & Hurst family. We also know that flowers play an important role during difficult times. Flowers are a source of comfort and happiness, and a way to express what you can’t quite put into words. For that reason, we want to remain open and accessible to our clients—while ensuring safety for all.

We are closely monitoring all recommendations made by the CDC, as these are updated daily. Below are the adjustments we have made to ensure the well-being of our clients and team:

– From Monday through Friday, our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff locations will be open for telephone and online orders with no-contact pickup and free no-contact delivery from 8 am – 5 pm, and our Heights location will be open Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm. Please reference our website for updates.

– Our retail showrooms will close at 5 pm today (Tuesday, March 17) for the foreseeable future. It’s very important that we do our part in protecting our community, customers, and staff. Our online shop is open 24/7, and we’d love to deliver something beautiful for you.

– We’re also debuting Facetime and Skype shopping soon, so you can view our showrooms from the safety of your home.

– Due to restrictions set by these facilities, we will not be delivering to most hospitals or nursing homes until further notice.

– We’re offering free local no-contact delivery. Our delivery team will call your recipient ahead of time and determine a location to leave the gift. We want to keep both our customers and delivery drivers as safe as possible. Please call us at 501-666-3333 if you have a specific delivery request.

– We’re also offering no-contact pickup zones at our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff locations. Call us when you’re arriving and we’ll bring your order out and secure it in your trunk or backseat.

Our goal at Tipton & Hurst is to share joy and comfort through flowers, and that now feels more necessary than ever. We will continue to deliver these sentiments as safely as possible. As always, we thank you for your continued support of our company, and we wish health and safety to you and all of your loved ones.

Howard Hurst
Tipton & Hurst
“Guaranteed Satisfaction Since 1886”

A Note From T&H

We understand the anxiety and uncertainty around the spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, and continue to take precautionary steps to protect our employees and customers’ health and safety.

As always, we have a wide selection of fresh floral arrangements, gourmet treats, exquisite home scents, and so much more available online and over the phone. Our drivers will now call recipients before floral deliveries to offer the option for deliveries to be placed outside doors or at reception desks to further minimize human-to-human contact.

In light of the uncertainty around COVID-19, Tipton & Hurst is happy to offer free order postponements or cancellations. However, we do ask for advance notice, particularly for specialty items. And, as always, we hope you will consider us for your next floral or gift order and event.

For years, we’ve used industrial cleaners to disinfect our work surfaces, containers and storage areas to minimize bacterial and viral growth and to prolong the life of our flowers. In the coming weeks, we will continue to follow these same stringent procedures, with additional cleanings of all hard surfaces in our stores to further protect our customers and staff.

In accordance with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we’ve encouraged all employees to follow proper hygiene practices, including frequent and thorough handwashing, and to practice social distancing, particularly if they feel they may be sick.

We look forward to serving you with our motto of “Guaranteed Satisfaction Since 1886”, either in our stores, over the phone at 501-666-3333, or at, soon. Thank you.

Howard Hurst


Tipton & Hurst



For years, we’ve used DCD (a common floral disinfectant) to keep our flowers and workspaces free of bacteria and viruses. It’s long-lasting and doesn’t break down or evaporate as bleach would. Instead, it coats the area for days at a time. We’ve expanded our DCD usage to include all door handles and panels, countertops, all bathroom surfaces. 



We’ve provided disposable nitrile gloves to all employees, but especially our delivery drivers. We feel that wearing gloves makes you more aware of your actions, including touching your face. 



We’ve made hand sanitizer available to our customers at all doors, as well as paper towels to use as a barrier when opening doors.


No Contact Pickup

We’re now offering no contact pickup service. Place your order online or over the phone at 501-666-3333. When you’re ready to pick up your order, give us a call and let us know that you’d like to take advantage of no contact pickup. We’ll get your order ready and bring it to your car and place it in the backseat or trunk, depending on your preference. 


Free No Contact Delivery

Our delivery drivers will be calling each recipient and giving them the option to accept the delivery in person or to have it left outside their house or at a reception desk to retrieve later. 

Thank Your Team For A Job Well Done!

Employee Appreciation Day is this Friday, March 6. Whether you have 2 employees or 200, your staff are the heart of your company. Thank your team for a job well done with fresh flowers or a basket full of treats!
The Got a Gerber (L) and Grab ‘N Go Bud Vase (R) arrangements are a bright and happy
addition to any workspace!
The Easter Parade arrangement combines beautiful spring flowers for a pretty,
seasonal look. Thymes Lavender basket is perfect for relaxation after a long day.
The Hot and Spicy basket combines all of our most delicious treats that pack a punch.
Shop Arkansas Grown Azaleas for a gorgeous look that will bloom year after year!
Our Just Happy arrangement is a fan favorite no matter the season, but this
compact look that’s full of color is sure to add a pop to any workspace!
Waterfall orchids are a stunning take on the classic phalaenopsis.

2020 Valentine’s Headquarters

Do you need something ASAP to save Valentine’s? Visit our Valentine’s HQ at any of our 5 Central Arkansas Locations to pick up the perfect gift and be the holiday hero!

We always have a gorgeous array of fresh flower arrangements available in store, from dozen roses to mixed arrangements.

We have all kinds of baskets available and ready to go whenever you need them! Starting at $35 in store!

Does your sweetheart have a sweet-tooth? You can’t go wrong with these Arkansas brands!

We also have a great assortment of plants that are great for anyone with a green thumb!


Shop all of these great options and so much more. Come into one of our stores to shop last minute!


2020 Valentine’s Sweet Specials

Free Roses!

When you spend $75 or more on roses to be delivered on or before February 12th, you’ll receive a voucher for one FREE Dozen Cash and Carry Roses to be redeemed during the months of June, July, or August! The second dozen roses will be available in store, and to redeem them just show us your receipt from your Valentine’s Day purchase or your email confirmation. Just make sure to give us a valid email at check out!


Sooner is Sweeter!

Can’t wait to say Happy Valentine’s Day? Make your gift even more special and deliver early. You’ll receive $5 off delivery with code $5OFF when delivery is scheduled through Wednesday, February 12. All Valentine’s orders delivered before Valentine’s Day will receive a card saying “I Just Couldn’t Wait To Tell You Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Bigger is Better!

 Bigger is better, and we’ll tell you why: when you buy more roses, the arrangement will be larger, obviously, but the value increases! For instance, a half dozen roses costs $50. That’s almost $10 per rose, but when you go up to the 3 dozen roses, they’re only $5.50 each! Plus, who doesn’t want their Valentine to have the biggest and the best?

Click here to shop the Valentine’s Collection now!