4 Gift Ideas for Admin Day

4 Gift Ideas for Admin Day

When working in an office, there are several jobs that if left unchecked, could impact the company’s success. Administration Professionals Week, or Admin Day, is a holiday dedicated to recognizing the work that administrative employees do to keep businesses running smoothly. Choosing the perfect gift for an employee or colleague can be difficult, so today we are sharing 4 Gift Ideas for Admin Day that are sure to make any recipient feel appreciated.


Flower Arrangements

Having an office that is cheerful is an important component in efficiency and enjoyment when at work. If your Admin’s desk could use a pick-me-up, consider giving them a fresh flowers. There are several different kinds of flowers and arrangements to suit any style or budget. If your Admin has a favorite flower or color, consider taking that into account when choosing an arrangement. No matter what type of arrangement you choose, flowers are a great gift for Admin Day to show that you care. 

Gift Baskets

If your Admin isn’t a fan of plants or flowers, consider giving them a gift basket. Administrative employees do so much work for their employers, so give them the relaxation they deserve with a self care gift basket. A basket of bath products ranging from soap to bath bombs is a great way to show that you care. If self care isn’t something your Admin would enjoy, consider a basket of home-care products or gourmet snacks. There are a variety of different gift basket options that would make a great gift for Admin Day.

Desk Plants

Flowers are a great way to brighten any office, but not everyone likes flowers. If you want to bring some life into your Admin’s office space, consider giving them a plant. There are several plant options, such as terrariums that include living plants, but don’t require a lot of upkeep. Unlike cut flowers, plants continue living and can provide encouragement as their care for it helps it to grow. The level of care a plant needs varies from one to another, but with the right guidance you can find a plant to suit your Admins skill level. Whether you choose a green or blooming plant, giving a plant can make a wonderful gift for Admin Day.


Faux Plants and Flowers

Everyone loves beautiful fresh flowers, and there’s no better way to show your appreciation. While receiving flowers or plants can be nice, taking care of them can be a difficult task. Looking for something that will have a longer shelf life? Unlike real plants and flowers, silk versions look real, but will stay fresh long after real flowers would have wilted. Silk flowers and plants are available in a range of types and styles to fit any preference, budget, or space. For a personal touch, consider building your own arrangement using silk versions of your Admin’s favorite flowers. This allows you to take part in each element of the design process, adding a personal touch to this delightful gift for Admin Day. 

Administration employees work everyday to make the businesses around us achieve their goals. Give them a gift for Admin Day that will help them to de-stress and get the relaxation that they deserve.

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Easter Centerpiece Carrot Arrangement

Easter Centerpieces with Carrots that will Carry You Through Spring

Easter Centerpieces with Carrots that will Carry You Through Spring

There are several elements to consider when throwing any party, and Easter is no exception. From flowers to dishes, each element of the place-setting comes together to create a color palette and mood that will effect the party as a whole. To help make your Easter as memorable as possible, we are sharing two Easter Carrot Centerpieces that will Carry You Through Spring that are sure to make any bunny jump for joy!

A Barrel of Carrots

If you want to add an elegant twist to your Easter tablescape, consider using carrots in our centerpiece! Using a clear vase, add whole carrots into the water at the base of the arrangement, and incorporate the flowers as normal. The stems of the flowers mix with the carrots, bringing the vibrant orange hues from the daisies into the base of the arrangement. We enhanced the Easter centerpiece by adding Herend china with gold and green butterfly accents, and accessorizing with Herend bunny figurines to make this carrot arrangement stand out even more.

Easter Centerpiece Carrot Arrangement

Easter Centerpiece Carrot Arrangement

Easter Centerpiece Carrot Arrangement

Easter Centerpiece Carrot Arrangement

From The Garden

For a more casual atmosphere at your Easter get-together, use carrots and wildflowers for a plucked-from-the-garden feel. Use wire to string together enough carrots to go around the outside of your chosen vase, then use raffia to tie around the the center. Once the vase is covered with carrots, arrange your flowers as normal. The wild nature of the greenery mixed with the vegetable accents, create an arrangement full of country charm. To continue the casual look, we added clear glassware, woven rattan accents, and muted green tones to enhance this carrot arrangement Easter centerpiece.

Easter Centerpiece Carrot Arrangement

Easter Centerpiece Carrot Arrangement

Easter Centerpiece Carrot Arrangement

Whether you are planning an elegant party or a casual gathering, choosing the right Easter centerpiece is an important component of any tablescape. Consider adding your own Easter Carrot Centerpieces To Help Carry You Through Spring, and make your feast fit for a bunny.

To see the process of making the two arrangements shared in this post, check out our YouTube video here.

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Can’t Go Wrong with Flowers from Tipton & Hurst – as featured on AJ Wears Clothes blog

Tipton & Hurst was recently featured in the Valentine Gift Guide article on the popular fashion blog AJ Wears Clothes.


When listing the best presents to give for Valentine’s Day, Tipton & Hurst was the only florist mentioned:

“Flowers are always the ultimate Valentine, and now that Tipton Hurst has joined The Promenade, it’s easier than ever to pick up a bouquet. They have cash & carry in store, or you can order ahead of time and pick up – or better yet, have them deliver! They also have an impressive selection of gift baskets.”

Read the full article here.

Evolve 2015 “Winter Nights”

We were honored to be the official florist of Evolve 2015 at the Little Rock Marriott Saturday, January 24th.

The event was put on by the Centers for Youth and Families. This year’s theme, Winter nights, included centerpieces with ivory branches and gorgeous white hydrangeas accented with hanging candles.

The Center for Youth and Families in Little Rock provides assistance and care for at-risk families and troubled children.

2015 Woman of the Year Gala

We were honored to be the official florist of the 2015 Woman of the Year Gala. Not only were we able to put together some beautiful centerpieces, but the fruit was donated after the event!

The board of Women & Children First, the state’s largest shelter for survivors of domestic violence, held the gala Jan. 17 in the Little Rock Marriott Grand Ballroom downtown.

See the full album here.

Trashtastic Mardi Gras Centerpiece with Chris Norwood

Trashtastic? What in the world is trashtastic? And what does it have to do with Mardi Gras? Don’t worry, you won’t have to go dumpster diving for materials. This is a fun, festive, care-free Mardi Gras centerpiece that is still gorgeous, but it certainly goes for a more crazy personality than most decorative pieces we show you how to make. Which is only befitting for a holiday like Mardi Gras.

The purpose of this centerpiece is to mimic a Mardis Gras or Venetian mask, which are famous for their outlandish style. To get started, you’ll need a gold vase (it can be either tall or short). Place a collar of green dianthus around the rim of the vase’s mouth to hide the “mechanics” of your arrangement. Now take peacock feathers and insert them into the vase between the collar of dianthus. Make sure most of the stem shows for each feather, giving the impression that the feathers are fanning out of the vase.

Next, you’ll need two Mardis Gras masks (make sure they are green, purple and gold). Attach two short rods to the masks so that you can stick them in with the feathers on either side of the feather fan. Once the masks are in place, begin adding orchids to the arrangement, sticking them diagonally into the dianthus collar (we used orchids with dyed colors). Now add beads to hang around the masks and throw in a few purple irises to mix with the feathers. This should cover your purple and green, but don’t forget your gold. We suggest adding in gold lilies right beneath the masks.

When you’re happy with the arrangement, place a fleur de lis in the middle of the arrangement on a pole so that it “caps” off your design.

Be sure to catch Chris Norwood every Tuesday morning between 9 and 9:30 on KATV’s morning show. You can watch his recent appearance below.

Quick-and-Easy Christmas Centerpiece with Chris Norwood

Even though Christmas has already passed us, there’s nothing wrong with thinking ahead to next year, especially since our Christmas items are half off now. For next year’s Christmas centerpiece, Chris Norwood has a great arrangement that is easy to put together and takes very little time. For your Christmas centerpiece, grab a few glass bubble bowls and fill them water and a type of red berries, such as cranberries or holly berries. Place a small candle inside the bowl to float to add lighting. Before you set the bowls on your table, use garlands and sheets of bark (we recommend birch bark) as the runner down the table. Insert magnolia leaves, fresh apples and berry branches into garland to add different textures and colors. Use various styles of colored burlap, bunching them together into a bow and placing them near the center of your centerpiece.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is and how gorgeous the end result can be. Be sure to stop by one of our stores for great deals and ideas.