Ready, Set…Shop!

Cornucopia by Tipton & Hurst
Cornucopia by Tipton & Hurst

Every year it seems as though the holiday shopping season starts earlier than the last. With the elections this time around to take up some of the attention – and more importantly, the good TV commercial spots, it was practically the middle of November until the full-fledged barrage of ‘all-things-holidays’ really got a foothold.

Now with Thanksgiving just a few days away, we’re staring straight into the biggest shopping weekend of the year! That’s right, as soon as the fork hits the plate after that last bite of pumpkin pie; it’s time to shop until you drop!

Some people love lining up in front of their favorite big box stores on Black Friday hoping to score the best bargains of the season, but those hard-core shopping tactics aren’t for everyone. Most people prefer a more leisurely pace while others want absolutely nothing to do with the entire ordeal and prefer to do all of their holiday shopping in their PJs from the comfort of their own couch.

Whichever method you prefer, now’s your chance to start that shopping that you always promise yourself you won’t put off until the last minute. So where to start? Right here at Tipton & Hurst.


Time is running out fast, but it’s not too late to get those last-minute flowers for Thanksgiving. Are you hosting a big dinner for family and friends? If so, a beautiful fall-themed centerpiece is the perfect finishing touch for your table. If you were lucky enough to get invited to a dinner where someone else is doing the cooking, flowers make a terrific gift for the busy who will surely appreciate the gesture. Give us a call or stop in and let us help you find something truly special for this festive holiday.

Christmas Traditions Centerpiece by Tipton & Hurst


The key to successful Christmas shopping is finishing early. Imagine how many people you can cross off your list by ordering your Christmas flowers at the same time as your Thanksgiving flowers! You can reduce a great deal of stress with one phone call and have nearly all your shopping done before you even hear your first Christmas song on the radio!

Party Time

When formulating a plan for your holiday shopping list, you’ll, of course, want to include the usual friends and family members, but don’t forget about the other festivities and gatherings that usually take place before the end of the year. Office parties, classroom parties, sports banquets, church services and other social events all have a habit of popping up this time of year and they usually require some sort of gift. Fortunately, flowers are always appropriate and we can help you out here too. Give us a call and let us know what you need. From centerpieces and table dressings to gifts for the host or floral décor for any room, we have you covered and we’re here to help!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Tipton & Hurst!

Quick-and-Easy Christmas Centerpiece with Chris Norwood

Even though Christmas has already passed us, there’s nothing wrong with thinking ahead to next year, especially since our Christmas items are half off now. For next year’s Christmas centerpiece, Chris Norwood has a great arrangement that is easy to put together and takes very little time. For your Christmas centerpiece, grab a few glass bubble bowls and fill them water and a type of red berries, such as cranberries or holly berries. Place a small candle inside the bowl to float to add lighting. Before you set the bowls on your table, use garlands and sheets of bark (we recommend birch bark) as the runner down the table. Insert magnolia leaves, fresh apples and berry branches into garland to add different textures and colors. Use various styles of colored burlap, bunching them together into a bow and placing them near the center of your centerpiece.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is and how gorgeous the end result can be. Be sure to stop by one of our stores for great deals and ideas.

How To Make A Holiday Wreath With Chris Norwood

Looking to diverge from the classical evergreen holiday wreath? Chris Norwood showed KATV Channel 7 how to easily put together a metal, wire-form wreath using glass ornaments. The wire-form wreath provides a contemporary, European look. Take a few strings of beaded garland and zig-zag it through the wireframe, twisting it around the wires to keep it in place. When you use ornaments, insert a wire into the ornament instead of a hook so that you can twist the ornament onto the wireframe. Be careful to use ornaments with caps that are built in or glued on, a cap with a spring will pop right off. Arrange the ornaments in whatever order or pattern you like, but be sure to twist the ornament as close to the wire as you can to create tension and keep the ornament tied tight. You can also twist two ornaments together before attaching them to the wire form for a varied effect. Once you’ve finished adding ornaments, consider stringing lights through the wire form to really make your new wreath pop.

And don’t forget, our ornaments are buy 2, get 1 free and find out what other great holiday deals we have at Tipton Hurst.

Watch Chris’s KATV appearance below and don’t forget to catch him every Tuesday morning on KATV Channel 7 between 9 and 9:30.

Tis the Season: We Bring Out Our Biggest Christmas Tree Yet

CAPITALHOTELTREETipton & Hurst recently made the front page of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, featuring a photo of the Capital Hotel’s Christmas tree. The Little Rock florist coordinated both the tree’s installation and its decoration, which took a team of more than 20 people. The tree is part of an annual collaboration between Tipton & Hurst and the Capital Hotel, one of Little Rock’s most historic and beautiful hotels. The tree stands at 28 feet (30 if you count the bow), making it the largest tree the hotel has installed yet, and the largest indoor living tree in Arkansas. With over a thousand ornaments, the Capital Hotel’s Christmas tree is a sight you simply cannot miss this holiday season.

Be sure to see it yourself at the Capital Hotel at 111 West Markham in downtown Little Rock.

Watch the tree’s pick-up by helicopter below and watch Christmas tree’s installation and raising in the hotel on Arkansas Online.