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Since 1946, Ruffin & Jarrett Funeral Home has been providing funeral services to the families of Arkansas. Their family has dedicated itself to giving reassurance, kindness and understanding, always with the highest quality of professional service to families in need. They pride themselves on tending to the smallest of details.

Their tradition is, as it has always been, to provide professional support and caring service at a time when there are more questions than answers. They strive to offer an atmosphere that is relaxing and comforting to families during times of bereavement.

Providing service that helps you make difficult decisions is our number one priority. Ruffin & Jarrett are devoted to providing you with the best service at the most affordable and competitive prices. They want you to always feel confident that YOU CAN AFFORD THE BEST for your loved one.

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1200 S Chester Street

Little Rock, AR 72202

To deliver flowers to Ruffin & Jarrett Funeral Home, contact the Tipton & Hurst location below.

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All locations open at 11am today due to winter weather.

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