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Our first responsibility as a dedicated funeral service establishment is to the families we serve. We are committed to providing courteous service and high standards of performance and excellence which serve as the hallmark of the funeral industry. We are a full-service funeral home providing the most elaborate funeral service to the simplest graveside ceremony, the most unique memorial service to the most basic cremation. Since no two people are exactly alike, neither should their funeral ceremonies be alike.

We are prepared to assist families from every walk of life as they create a unique ceremony that reflects a life well-lived. Our creed is to constantly merit the faith and friendship which we enjoy in the community. We promise to carry on our work in a way that spares you any unnecessary pain. You can always expect such services from us, regardless of the amount spent. Dignity, quality, and caring…everything your family deserves. When we are entrusted with your loved ones arrangements, it is always…”Our Family Serving Your Family”

Contact Information for Dial & Dudley Funeral Home

(501) 847-9099

4212 Hwy 5 North

Bryant, Arkansas 72022

To deliver flowers to Dial & Dudley Funeral Home, contact the Tipton & Hurst location below.

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All locations open at 11am today due to winter weather.

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