Untraditional Valentine’s Day Designs with Chris Norwood

When it comes to having great Valentine’s Day flair, nobody does it better than Tipton & Hurst.

If you’re looking to spice things up a little bit as far as Valentine’s Day designs go, our Vice President Chris Norwood has a few great floral arrangements up his sleeve you have to check out.

The first design includes a short red vase, a lobster claw head heliconia (to give it some tropical feel), metallic heart stems, monstera leaves, anthurium flowers (which already have great heart shapes), green moss carnations and circus roses. Put them together in the vase in any arrangement you think fits best.

The second design includes a red, skinny vase and plenty of gold flat wire. Wrap the flat wire around the vase, curling the excess into twisting designs for flair. Put branches of James Storie orchids into the vase. Now take the flat wire and make a heart shape with one end, giving you at least a foot of excess at the end before you cut it off. Take a gerbera daisy, stick the head through the heart shape of your wire and wrap the excess around the daisy’s stem. Do this to about four or five daisies, cutting the stems at differing links. Put them in along with the orchids and you have an exciting, untraditional Valentine’s Day floral arrangement.

All of these supplies can be found at any Tipton & Hurst location. And don’t forget to order ahead for Valentine’s Day gifts. If you order a delivery for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before February 14th, we’ll give you back a gift card of up to 25% of your purchase price.

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