Top 10 Valentine’s Gifts You Should Give Your Sweetheart This Year

Valentine’s Day is coming. Cue the scramble to set dinner reservations, schedule the babysitter, and get the perfect gift that’s sure to blow her away. While there are too many great restaurants to suggest just one and you’re own your own with the babysitter, we happen to be experts when it comes to the perfect gift.

Roses. Chocolate boxes. Teddy bears. We’ve got all the classics. But whether you want to go classy or different, we’ve got you covered when it comes to Valentine’s gifts.

Below is our top 10 gift ideas that are sure to surprise her. Whether you want them delivered to the house, the office or to the candle-lit dinner reservation, we can send it.

1. A dozen roses 

You can’t go wrong with this arrangement of premium, long stem roses that have been hand-selected by experienced members of our staff. For that something extra, add chocolate, balloons or plush animals if desired.

2. One and a half dozen roses

Eighteen premium long stem roses in your choice of color, arranged in a glass vase with greenery. More roses = greater odds of you keeping your lady friend giddy with your companionship.

3. Roses and Lily

Change the game up a bit and mix in some lilies with those timeless roses. This arrangement is a premium selection of timeless red roses and stargazer lilies arranged in a glass vase with greenery.

4. Love Abundance

This is some next level gift giving and pretty much assures an abundance of good things are going to happen when this baby is delivered. You get two dozen premium roses in your choice of color, arranged with softening greenery in a clear glass cube.

5. Romantic Elegance

A lush, romantic mixture of roses, spray roses, tulips and hydrangeas in shades of pink and white are accented with green coffee berries and waxflower in a clear glass cube. If all of those froufrou words in the last sentence mean nothing to you, let’s just translate it to one — awesome.

6. Orchid Arrangement

This gift of a Phalenopsis orchid in a decorative ceramic container will make a lasting impact on anyone who loves clean lines and simple beauty. And as a bonus, it’s alive, so she can remember what an awesome gift giver you are for months to come.

7. Chocoholic Basket

When it comes to “can’t miss” gifts, this goes head-to-head with the rose. This basket contains various gourmet chocolate items including fudge, candy bars, cookies, etc. in a tasteful wicker basket.

8. Vintage Valentine

The Swiss Army Knife of romantic gift giving, the Tipton & Hurst Vintage Valentine comes with one dozen roses — complete with baby’s breath, an iconic heart-shaped box of Russell Stover’s delicious chocolates, and a keepsake stuffed animal. Call us to make a purchase.

9. Three dozen roses

Drop three dozen roses on your lady and rest assured that the message got through. Your romantic dexterity will become the stuff of myth — right up there with Cupid.Want to amp it up even further? Upgrade the container to a dazzling crystal vase.

10. Flowers once a month for a year.

Not that she doesn’t think you’re pretty nifty already, but what if you could give her that feeling she gets on Valentine’s Day 11 other days of the year? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you sign up for flowers for a year. Once a month, Tipton & Hurst will deliver a special arrangement — either roses or a seasonal mix, which is an excellent way to make the romance last.

Be sure to shop through the rest of our site for other great Valentine’s gifts. 

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