Tipton & Hurst Floral Designs for the Governor’s Inaugural: Featured in At Home Arkansas

On Tuesday, January 13th, Asa Hutchinson was inaugurated as the governor of Arkansas. That evening, the “A New Day in Arkansas Inaugural Ball” honored the new governor and first lady of our state. Tipton & Hurst was asked to design the floral arrangements for the event.

Shayla Copas, of Shayla Copas Interiors, served as the designer of the Arkansas Inaugural Ball. As featured in At Home Arkansas, Shayla shares her experience in planning and preparing for the big event, and here’s what she had to say about Tipton & Hurst:

As I do for many of the soirees I design, I first met with my “dream team,” the key players, whom I knew could bring their awesome talents to the project. 

First up? Chris Norwood, Vice President of Tipton and Hurst Florist. Chris is a good and longtime friend, and his incredible floral designs have graced many a gala in our state. To give you a little background on Chris, he is a floral genius who has served as National President of the American Floral Institute of Floral Designers and, in the past, as their CEO and chairman. Last year, Chris was given the prestigious honor of being named as a fellow of the organization. Locally, you can catch Chris most Tuesday mornings on KATV sharing with Central Arkansans his brilliant floral design ideas.

See the full feature and photos here.

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