The Best Plants by Enneagram!

Not all plants are created equal. Sure, some are more popular than others, but there’s a broad range of houseplants—whether it comes to appearance, water and light needs, durability, or difficulty level. It’s almost like they have personalities of their own!

Not sure which plant you should add to your indoor garden next? For your best chance at successfully caring for a houseplant, choose one that matches your own personality type. And by that, we specifically mean your Enneagram type.

(Before you read on to determine which houseplant is best for you, take a free Enneagram test online!)

TYPE ONE: Bird’s Nest Fern

At their core, Enneagram Ones love two things: principle and purpose. The bird’s nest fern can satisfy both. It’s a classic plant safe for both children and pets that, much to the One’s delight, serve a higher purpose than just sitting in the corner of the room: bird’s nest ferns also act as natural air purifiers.

TYPE TWO: Monstera

Twos are other-focused empaths, so a plant that requires a bit of extra love and attention is right up their alley. Monstera is a bit temperamental. Not only does this plant struggle with too much sunlight, but it also requires regular watering and humidity to thrive. But let’s be honest, the intuitive Helper probably already knew that.

TYPE THREE: Ponytail Palm

The Achiever is here for status, yes, but this hard-working personality with a jam-packed schedule doesn’t have time to care for a needy plant. This trendy and popular Ponytail Palm meets both criteria: it’s up and coming in houseplant trends yet forgiving and easy in its care.

TYPE FOUR: Gerbera Daisy

A standard green houseplant won’t do for poetic, emotional Individualists, who would much rather take care of something as unique as they are. Commonly known for their bright and cheerful daisy-like flowers, the Gerbera Daisy, specifically in a quirky container, makes the ideal accent for any table of the Four’s already dreamy home.

TYPE FIVE: Aglaonema

Given their penchant for reading up on just about everything, you might think the Investigator would opt for a more demanding plant. But since the Five’s core desire is to be competent and helpful, why not set them up for success with a plant that’s relatively easy to keep alive? No matter how much you water the low-light.

TYPE SIX: Hydrangea

A stunning yet high-maintenance blooming beauty is just the ticket for a hardworking Six. The responsible and committed Loyalist will also be up for the task of keeping the Hydrangea alive by matching its native conditions of constant watering and morning sunlight.


Cacti are notoriously low maintenance, which means fun-loving, spontaneous Sevens can book last-minute vacations without worrying about their plant babies back home. Bonus: Cacti are also whimsical and fun, adding a sunny, tropical vibe to any household — just like the Enthusiast!


Known for their independence and confidence, the Challenger is, well, looking for a challenge. Look no further than the orchid, one of the more high-maintenance plants out there. Eights will also fawn over the orchid’s slender stem and vibrant blooms, which add a touch of elegance and mystique.

TYPE NINE: Peace Lily

It just makes sense, and not just because the Peacekeeper and peace lily shares a name. The peace lily is both stunning and extremely adaptable and easy to keep happy, requiring low light and watering just once a week—which means Nines won’t have to worry about disrupting anyone’s peace.

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