How To Make A Holiday Wreath With Chris Norwood

Looking to diverge from the classical evergreen holiday wreath? Chris Norwood showed KATV Channel 7 how to easily put together a metal, wire-form wreath using glass ornaments. The wire-form wreath provides a contemporary, European look. Take a few strings of beaded garland and zig-zag it through the wireframe, twisting it around the wires to keep it in place. When you use ornaments, insert a wire into the ornament instead of a hook so that you can twist the ornament onto the wireframe. Be careful to use ornaments with caps that are built in or glued on, a cap with a spring will pop right off. Arrange the ornaments in whatever order or pattern you like, but be sure to twist the ornament as close to the wire as you can to create tension and keep the ornament tied tight. You can also twist two ornaments together before attaching them to the wire form for a varied effect. Once you’ve finished adding ornaments, consider stringing lights through the wire form to really make your new wreath pop.

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Watch Chris’s KATV appearance below and don’t forget to catch him every Tuesday morning on KATV Channel 7 between 9 and 9:30.