St. Patrick’s Day Floral Design with Chris Norwood

After the winter we’ve been having, it’s nice to see green again. This week, Chris has an amazing St. Patrick’s Day floral design perfect for brightening your home and your spirit. For this arrangement, you’ll first need a small, thin green vase. Next you’ll need Bells of Ireland and gold wire (very festive for St. Patrick’s Day).

Begin by twisting the gold wire along the leafed portion of the stem. Do not wrap the wire along the entirety of the stem, because you’ll be trimming the bottoms. So be sure to leave extra wire at the top and the bottom. You’ll do this to six stems. Once they are each “wired”, take two each and begin entwining the extra wire at the bottom together so that the bases of the plants are stuck together. Now bend the tops of the plants toward each other into a heart shape. Bend the wire as needed to get the effect. Do likewise to the next two couple of plants.

Once you have three heart-shaped designs, combine them together at the base with gold wire so that they are arranged into a three-leaf clover. Cut off the stems and insert them into the vase. Now take moss and place it between your “clover” design and the vase. Take green-colored roses (which we have grown naturally) and add them. And last but not least, the daffodils. They are finally in bloom and give the perfect yellow accents to your green floral design.

Remember to stop by Tipton & Hurst for all of your floral arrangement needs and inspiration. Watch the video below to see Chris in action as he crafts together this amazing arrangement piece.

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