Spring Wreath with Chris Norwood

We are all ready to hear the song of spring in the Natural State. Follow along as Chris Norwood creates an enchanting spring wreath. Watch closely, and you’ll have the tools you need to build your very own spring showstopper. Give the birds in your neighborhood something to sing about!

Start with a wire wreath form and attach wide burlap ribbon along the inside of the form, using the form’s “twisty-ties” to secure the ribbon to the form. Continue incorporating ribbon in a regular repeating pattern until the desired texture and density is achieved. Next, give your wreath some personality by adding a shapely material, such as grapevine. Using the “twisty-ties” on the form, secure these accents evenly across the wreath’s visible surface.

With this foundation, you’re ready to add quirky touches and express your uniqueness. Chris uses silk dogwood stems to add a crisp white color with lots of texture. He embellishes by bending them into “perfectly imperfect” natural shapes, weaving the branches in and out along the wreath form. Try using florist wire to secure unruly branches. Chris also points out that using wire will allow you to easily retrofit the wreath for future holidays and seasons.

Chris chose to incorporate bird nests at varying intervals. These “ornaments” pair perfectly with the natural moss ribbon which is added next.

Watch the video to get inspired for spring! Chris’ wreath design should get you thinking about making your very own wreath. What’s  your favorite part of this season? Chances are you won’t have to look far for a unique inspiration. Once you’ve found your inspiration, visit Tipton & Hurst! We have everything you’ll need to design the perfect spring wreath. Shop now and save 25% on our premium selection of permanent botanicals!


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