Safe Service Is Our Priority!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve reopened our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff showrooms and we can’t wait to see everyone! Safe Service is our priority. The CDC has recommended the following 4 procedures – screening, social distancing, hygiene, and masks. We’re taking a lot of precautions – read more below!

  • Customers
    • Screening
    1. Please don’t enter if you’re sick.
    2. We have greeters at each store to welcome and monitor our in-store customer capacity and ensure masks and gloves (if appropriate) are worn. Masks and gloves are available to all customers upon request.
    3. We’ve installed video doorbells and motion detectors to help our greeters respond immediately to customers at our doors. If the door is locked, please ring and we’ll respond quickly!
    • Social Distancing
    1. We’re limiting our in-store capacity to 10 customers at a time at our Heights location, and 5 customers at a time in Pine Bluff and Conway.
    2. Please practice social distancing. Our sales floor is marked with decals indicating where to stand.
    3. Please stand behind the protective plastic shields at the sales counter.
    • Hygiene
    1. We are providing gloves and hand sanitizer in case you’d like to interact with our merchandise.
    2. Our bathrooms are touchless. Touchless doors, soap dispensers, and towels are all available with no-contact!
    • Masks
    1. We ask that you please wear a mask at all times while shopping. If you don’t have one, ask one of our staff and we’ll be happy to provide one.


  • Staff
    • Screening
    1. We are testing each employee daily by checking and documenting temperatures, signs of sickness, and travel. We are also implementing an armband system as a visual signal that each and every employee has been checked daily.
    2. Other than customers, we’re restricting access to our buildings.
    3. All doors with employee-only access are locked.
    • Social Distancing
    1. Workspaces have 6 feet distances marked with tape on the floor as a visual reminder to social distance.
    2. Staff meetings have been transferred to virtual “Google Hangouts”
    3. Staff are able to work from home, as all company programs are now in the cloud.
    • Hygiene
    1. Each staff member is responsible for personal hygiene to consist of the frequent washing of hands, and sanitizing between customers.
    2.  Each workstation and touchable surface should be disinfected with DCD or similar disinfectant 3 times daily – morning, noon, and night. This includes workstations, iPads, POS equipment, bathrooms, doors, counters, equipment, vehicles, etc.
    3. Bathrooms are touchless. Touchless doors, soap dispensers, and towels.
    • Masks
    1. All employees are required to wear masks when up and about throughout the facility.
  • No-Contact Delivery
    1. Free, Local No-Contact Delivery on orders of $75 or more.
    2. We’ll text your recipient before we head their way, and let them know they have a surprise coming and ask if there’s anywhere we can leave their delivery.
    3. Once it’s delivered, we’ll text the recipient a photo and let them know where it was left.

In the effort to keep the recipient and our staff as safe as possible, our delivery driver will text the recipient the following before heading to his or her next delivery.

“Hello, this is _____ with Tipton & Hurst. I’m on my way with a special surprise! We’re offering no-contact delivery at this time to be as safe as possible. Please let me know where a safe place I can leave your surprise is, or if you’re not at home, when would be a good time to redeliver. Thanks so much!”

Once the delivery is made, they’ll send this message to both you and your recipient:

“Tipton & Hurst Florist – Your delivery was left _______ (on your porch, by the front door, where we discussed, etc.).” Please also include a photo of the product where it was left.

  • No-Contact Curbside Pickup
    1. Place your order orders online or over the phone for no-contact curbside pickup at our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff locations. Online, pickup orders are available in 30-minute increments from 9 am – 4:30 pm.
    2. Park in front of our store, and call the phone number on the sign.
    3. Let T&H staff know what type of car you’re in, and your name or order number.
    4. Our staff will load your order – you don’t even have to leave your car!
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