Rose colors and their meanings

June is National Rose Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the beauty and charm of this illustrious flower. Throughout history the rose has been used as a symbol of everything from war and politics to love and friendship, often depending on the color of its petals.

While the meanings may change over time—yellow roses symbolized jealously in Victorian times, for instance—the table below shows the generally accepted contemporary meaning of the various rose colors. Whether its a gift from a secret admirer or appreciation for a job well done, there’s a rose for every occasion.

Color Meaning Image
Red Roses Romance, Love, Beauty, Perfection, Passionate Love Red roses
Pink Roses Admiration, Appreciation, Elegance, more subtle than red Pink roses
White Roses Purity, Innocence, Secrecy, Reverence, Honor, popular for weddings White roses
Yellow Roses Friendship, Joy, Congratulations Yellow roses
Orange Roses Desire, Enthusiasm, Passion Orange roses
Lavender Roses Love at first sight, Enchantment Lavender roses
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