Hot Colors Are So Cool

To welcome summer, you might not think of bringing in something “hot,” but two hot colors sure were cool at a ladies night party recently in Little Rock.  Designer Chris Norwood, AIFD, of Tipton Hurst blended fresh oranges with hot pink flowers for a color explosion that was the talk of the neighborhood the next day.

“As guests came in off the hot golf course, it was so fresh and cool and welcoming,” Nicole McCain said of the Little Rock, Arkansas, party she attended.  “I went to a lot of events this week where there were beautiful flowers, but I really thought these arrangements mixed with the citrus were beautiful, fresh and festive.  Very fitting for the event.”

And if you think carnations are just a “grandma” flower, think again.  Pairing clusters of these blousy little ladies together with the oranges gave the arrangements some pop.

Sitting lower on the tables were cubes of lilies and gerbera daisies in shades of hot pink, yellow and orange.

Towering overhead were hot pink gerbera daisies and a crazy little wax flower (that, if you rub it, smells like a bad perm… seriously).

“One thing I notice at parties are flower arrangements that get in your way,” McCain continued.  “If you can’t carry on a conversation with your friend across the table, that’s a problem.  I liked the way Tipton Hurst had a combination of both low and tall arrangements throughout the event and having the flowers over-head allowed you to talk freely.”

On the buffets, Bells of Ireland and chartreuse viburnum provided a green contrast while big orange lilies and roses brought the orange theme up into the pinks and greens.  Pink tulips spilled over and gave guests a wink during the night, as if to say goodbye to spring and hello to summer.

If you love these hot colors as much as we do, why not take some home with you. You can find more arrangements with these hot hues here

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