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Founded in 1929 by John C. Thomas Sr. and located at the geographical center of the state of Arkansas, in the town of Alexander, Pinecrest Memorial Park cemetery offers a peaceful final resting place for you or your loved ones. As a non-denominational cemetery, Pinecrest Memorial Park is open to people of all religious faiths and cultural backgrounds.

Located on the grounds of Pinecrest Memorial Park in Bryant, Arkansas, Pinecrest Funeral Home is a beautiful 14,000-square-foot funeral facility with a reunion room, reception hall and outdoor kitchen and patio. Built for more than just funerals, our multipurpose spaces invite personalized funerals and memorials—but what we really want to do is help you celebrate life.

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To deliver flowers to Pinecrest Funeral Home and Memorial Park, contact the Tipton & Hurst location below.

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All locations open at 11am today due to winter weather.

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