Drive Through Showrooms

Safely shop our showrooms from the comfort of your car! Starting tomorrow (Thursday, May 7), our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff locations will open our No-Contact Drive Through Mother’s Day Showrooms! Keep reading for a sneak peek of our drive-through specials and our step-by-step guide.

  1. Pull into your favorite T&H location’s drive-through
  2. One of our staff will greet you with a list of our specials and an iPad to take your order and process payment safely and securely.
  3. Follow the flow of traffic and view our specials in person. A staff member will answer any questions and take your order and payment from a safe distance.
  4. Let our staff know where in your car you’d like us to place your order. We’ll make sure that it’s secure and ready to be hand-delivered by Mom’s favorite delivery driver. (That’s you!)
  5. Follow the flow of traffic and head to Mom’s house!
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