Alternative Valentine’s Day Arrangement with Chris Norwood

Tired of the typical roses and tulips you set out every Valentine’s Day? Ready for a new Valentine’s Day arrangement with a unique or out-of-the-box flair? Fortunately, Chris Norwood has the perfect floral design that’s not just easy to make, it’s pretty impressive.

Instead of roses and tulips, give orchids a try. Specifically James Storie Orchids. They are smaller orchids with a deep red color that really pops. Take about eight branches of the orchids and then by a spool of red wire. Begin twisting the wire tightly around each individual orchid branches and be sure to leave excess wire at the top (around a foot of extra wire). Once each wire has been successfully wrapped, begin bunching them together and twisting more wire around each stalk, again leaving extra wire at the top. Each bundle should have around four branches.  Here the wire can be wrapped loosely around the bunches. You don’t want to constrict the flowers too much.

Now get a short, red or clear-colored vase. Cross the ends of the bunches together and set them in the vase. This is where you begin forming a heart. Once the bunches are set into the vase, bend the tops of the bunches down toward each other, using the wiring to bend the stems without breaking them. Take the extra length of wire at each end and begin twisting them together. Make sure you are twisting the wire downwards toward the vase to keep the bunches bent toward each other.

Within minutes you should have something resembling a heart. Now take long grass blades and begin weaving them through the branches of the heart. This will add a nice green color and vary the texture. Wrap a bunch around the mouth of the vase to add support and cover the base.

For more Valentine’s Day inspiration or for that special Valentine’s Day gift, come by Tipton & Hurst. We would love to assist you in making it a day to truly remember. And don’t forget, if you let us deliver on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday before Valentine’s Day, you’ll receive a gift of up to 20% of your purchase price.


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