2020 Mother’s Day Policies and Procedures

To our friends and family,

We’re excited to share our Mother’s Day Collection with you, and want to be transparent with you regarding our safety, delivery, and pickup protocols. Like many things, this Mother’s Day will look a little different, but we’re committed to making sure that it’s as special as any other. Keep reading to review our options or possible:


Safety First!

We’re taking continued measures to ensure the safety of both our staff and customers by observing the following safety procedures:

  • Limiting Outside Entrance 
    • We have closed our showrooms and have limited entrance to only essential personnel from both vendors and our staff.
  • Employee Testing 
    • We are testing each employee daily by checking and documenting temperatures, signs of sickness, and travel. We are also implementing an armband system as a visual signal that each and every employee has been checked daily. 
  • Masks and Gloves
    • Masks and gloves are mandatory when up and about during your shift, except when in your private workspace/office. Cloth masks should be washed or disinfected daily, and gloves should be changed regularly to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Social Distancing
    • Please continue to practice social distancing both at work and at home. 
    • Workspaces should have 6 feet distances marked with tape on the floor as a visual reminder to social distance.
  • Disinfecting/Cleaning 
    • Each workstation and touchable surface should be disinfected with DCD or similar disinfectant 3 times daily – morning, noon, and night. 
    • This includes workstations, doors, counters, equipment, vehicles, etc.
  • At-Risk Employees
    • When possible, at-risk employees are working from home!


Delivery – Flatten the Curve

We’re offering Free, Local No-Contact Delivery on orders of $49 or more when delivered on Monday, May 4, Tuesday, May 5, Wednesday, May 6, Thursday, May 7, and Monday, May 11, 2020. This is to encourage early (or late) deliveries in an effort to “flatten the curve” of Mother’s Day orders and Mom will be able to enjoy her gift all week long!  We will coordinate with the recipient with text or call when and where delivery is left. Orders placed for Friday, May 8 – Sunday, May 10 will incur a delivery surcharge, as detailed below:

  • Friday, May 7 & Saturday, May 9 + $10
  • Sunday, May 10 + $15

Please note: in an effort to keep our staff and our customers safe, we are not able to deliver to hospitals or nursing homes at this time.


No-Contact Curbside Pickup

You can call 501-666-3333 or place orders online for no-contact curbside pickup at our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff locations. Online, pickup orders are available in 30-minute increments from 9 am – 4:30 pm. When you arrive, you will:

  • Park in a designated pickup space and note the number of your space.
  • Call the phone number on the sign.
  • Let T&H staff know which space you’re parked in, and your name or order number. 
  • Receive your order without leaving your car!


No-Contact Drive Through Showrooms

Our Heights, Conway, and Pine Bluff locations will also offer no-contact drive-through showrooms this Mother’s Day! We’ll set up tents and tables displaying our products, and give our customers disposable menus. Our staff will use iPads equipped with our POS software to take and fulfill orders as you drive through our parking lot viewing our Mother’s Day options!

Delayed Opening

All locations open at 11am today due to winter weather.

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