12 roses + random acts of kindness = happier world

How would you like to brighten the day of at least 12 people with one simple gesture? All you need is a dozen roses (or any flower for that matter) and the desire to make some fellow humans happy.


Give a dozen roses to someone — it could be someone you know or a total stranger — but tell them there is a condition for receiving the flowers. Instruct them to keep a single rose and give the remaining 11 roses to someone else. That person should then keep one rose and give the remaining 10 to someone else with the same instructions and so on.

It’s that simple. Not only do the recipients get the joy of an unexpected gift, they also get the added pleasure of making someone else’s day by giving an unexpected gift.

Obviously, you don’t have to limit yourself to 12 roses. The more you start with, the more happiness you can spread!

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