Preferred Customer

Gift giving just got a whole lot easier with the Tipton & Hurst Green Card.

Our loyal customers are the cornerstone of our business. That’s why we created the Tipton & Hurst Green Card — to make your shopping experience easier and more rewarding. Our Green Card makes you a preferred customer, meaning we store your information for streamlined ordering. Your past gifts, frequent delivery addresses, and more are all within arm’s reach, so when you need something we take care of it seamlessly. Our Green Card members are also the first to know about sales, get rewards throughout the year, and enjoy plenty of membership perks.

Your Tipton & Hurst Green Card will be attached to your major credit card or cards for ease of use. You may also convert your Green Card to an in-house Tipton & Hurst charge account after your initial credit card transaction. To begin your application or to learn more about Tipton & Hurst’s Preferred Customer program, fill out the brief form below. Upon submission, Tipton & Hurst will contact you by email to proceed.